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About Bright zebra

Bright Zebra, founded in 2014 by Nina Du Thaler and Bob Beusekom, independently authors and publishes children’s books. Its primary purpose is to raise children’s awareness and engagement in important topics through fictional and fun books for children. 

Its target audience is children ranging from 8 to 12, their parents and other trusted persons.

The company collaborates with independent professionals, located around the world to achieve high quality children’s books. Our collaborations include editors and game developers in Australia, illustrators in Asia, social media experts in Europe and retailers globally.

Bright Zebra’s first series of books focusses on online safety and is called Diary of Elle: Cyber-safety can be fun! There are many more series planned.

about Diary of elle

Bright Zebra’s first book series, focussed on online safety, called Diary of Elle: Cyber-safety can be fun! 

These children’s books are aimed at offering children a fun, entertaining and engaging way of learning about online safety and its social impacts, essentially all about internet safety for kids!

Children will relate to Elle, her kooky friends, and their adventures whilst learning from their dramas and experiences about important cyber safety topics including cyberbullying, social media, online presence, general online  safety and much, much more.

The books are self-readers, suitable for children between 8 and 12 years old, both boys and girls. Diary of Elle: Cyber-safety can be fun! will be a series of seven books (five already published) available as both paperbacks and ebooks.

I hope you enjoy reading the Diary of Elle: Cyber-safety can be fun! series as much as I have enjoyed exploring my creative side and writing a series of children’s books.

Happy reading.


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Fictional stories, kooky characters, and mischievous adventures, a fun way to teach children about online safety!

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about the author

online safety children's books author

Nina du thaler

Nina began working in the Information Technology (IT) industry long before authoring her first book. She started with hands-on jobs, moving onto managing the implementation of new systems. Twenty-odd years, many online hours and several promotions later, she now works as a Chief Information Officer, responsible for the IT environment within a large company in Australia.

In her professional roles, Nina realised that the “experts” in the industry can make IT difficult, using buzz words like “cloud”, “virtual” and “firewall”. This challenged her to make IT more accessible – both for her fellow company executives and more recently for her daughter of 10 (double digits!).

She made an interesting observation that she can sometimes provide incomplete or ambiguous answers as a professional, but it does not work in a kid’s world. Children are more straightforward: they understand or they don’t, they question and analyse without boundaries. If they don’t understand, it is generally due to a lack of clear explanation.

Additionally, as a mother, she has experienced first hand the positive and negative impacts that technology can have on children’s daily lives. It is pervasive and they use it easily and without hesitation, but they are unaware of potential consequences and we have not equipped our children to have the skills to deal with these challenges.

This realisation made Nina decide to combine her knowledge and experience in IT and parenthood, into a unique combination of fun books so that children can learn from the experiences of other children.

Nina also has a passion for indoor gardening. You can check out her Indoor Gardening Blog at